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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

T'was a Sunny Sunday...........

............................. so as usual I was up and out early to a car boot sale.
Once again I  could have easily stocked a dozen playrooms for a dozen grandchildren but decided against and came home with a brand new fitted sheet for £1, card making bits for £2 and a bottle of "bubble stuff" for 25p.

 Colin wore himself out transplanting a few lettuce seedlings from under the plastic cloche tunnel into the salad barrels . It's frightening how little energy he has.
 After the boot sale I still had plenty of time to make a Sunday lunch for us, A, our youngest, and B her OH and of course their gorgeous Florence.
Poor Florence had had a cold all last week which is on it's way out but leaving her a bit clogged up in her throat and not very happy. Even blowing bubbles for her and then a go on the swing didn't cheer her up for long and she just wanted to chew everything rather than play............teeth on the way I guess.

While the family were here we got B to cut down a dead willow in the lane opposite the house. It had been coppiced at some time so no thick branches. He moved the cut down stuff  to near the workshop where I'll sort it into large bits that will need more chainsaw cutting, small bits I can do with the loppers, some bits for pea sticks and the thinnest twiggy bits for the bonfire heap.

After our visitors had headed home Col found a place to sit out sheltered from sun and wind and I finished reading another library book.

If only all Sundays were Sun Days it  would be lovely.

Back Shortly

Monday, 22 May 2017

Friday and Saturday

 I picked Colin up from hospital  Friday lunchtime, he is OK except for being very tired and no energy at all. Last Tuesday evening he started to have a bad reaction to the Chemo tablets, which were restarted at the higher rate he was on when they were stopped 3 weeks ago. The "joy" of being a guinea pig taking drugs that have hardly been used before means that the doctors are not sure how patients will react. Nurses on the oncology ward called in a doctor over night Tuesday and he was monitored closely, given various things to counteract the toxins  and eventually sent to Critical Care but by then things were stabilising. Blood levels quickly picked up again and as he was off antibiotics they said he could come home for the weekend and then will go back in again during this week when the Venetoclax will start again but back at the low dose, he'll be in for just a couple of nights.............we hope.

He was  pleased to get out into the garden for a while in the sun on Saturday morning to see what I had been up to in his absence. While he watched on I weeded the beetroot and raised the wire mesh over them and took the fleece off, then pulled the long grass and buttercups from round the edges of the beds. He then spent the rest of the day with his feet up in the conservatory, getting some much needed vitamin D and sleep.
 I  eventually managed to get the small mower going - with the miracle that is Easy Start - and did a bit of grass cutting around the beds and in the bits that are too small for the big ride-on mower. Then it rained...........again. After weeks without we are suddenly getting Too Much. So the ideal time for a bit of card making.

Cards for men were what I needed, but after fiddling about I only finished two and half finished two more
I'm seem to be stuck on 3D decoupage at the moment, it doesn't take a lot of brain power!

Thank you for comments about the unusual and expensive fruit. White blackberries certainly don't appeal to me at all.

Back in a jiffy

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Could Be Expensive

In the post the other day was a small catalogue from Marshalls -The Vegetable and Fruit Company. I love browsing through plant and seed catalogues so settled down for a read.
Looking at some of the prices I realised just how much a person could spend if tempted to buy some of the new things that have been developed.

(All pictures from The Marshalls May Catalogue and website, and they are not paying me to mention them ...unfortunately!)

White Blackberries £19.98 for 3 plants

Blackberry Polarberry Plants x3

My thought "Why white blackberries?

A large supposedly extra prolific Blueberry
Blueberry Bluegold
 £12.99 for one plant

To go with the white blackberry you could have a black raspberry
Potted Raspberry Black Jewel x1 That's another £9.99

They've come up with a type of Rhubarb that doesn't go dormant in the summer
Rhubarb Livingstone -Plants 2ltr pot Rhubarb Livingstone £14.99

A standard Gooseberry so you don't have to bend to pick them
Gooseberry Hinnonmaki Red - Standard Tree  That will be £22.99 please

And that's just for starters.

 Then there is a lemon tree for £19.99 but it is between 3 and 4 foot tall which is probably more likely to produce fruit sooner than my lemon "tree" which came as an extra for £2.99 when  I bought other things from some random garden catalogue earlier this year.
My "tree" is all of 4 inches tall! and if I can keep it alive ............doubtful............. it might produce fruit in about 10 years time!

Back Soon
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