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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Flowers for Cutting

After making the two new beds there were 4 posts leftover from the
 eyesore at the end of the garden
A bit of garden for cut flowers would be nice I said, as there are not many flowers for cutting in the quarter circle flower bed
and not many in the purple bed beside the conservatory either

No sooner said than done. On day one he cut bits off the ends of the posts so they were interlocking.
On day two he used our ancient tiller to cut up the grass surface

 Scooped off all the loose grassy bits, forked through the soil underneath and rotovated again.
Dug out round the sides so that the wooden post-frame fitted in at soil level so we can run the mower over them and raked in the soil.

And how brilliant............ we have a new bed. I did make him sit down in between the various jobs  and kept saying it didn't need doing all at once but it's done now.

What shall I plant?

I have Tulip bulbs called "Florists favourites" on order. Shan't bother with Daffodils as bunches are for sale everywhere in the spring. Must find good value Alstromeria or Peruvian Lily as I grew them to sell at the smallholding and they last really well as cut flowers. I have some seeds for Sweetpeas too.

I've borrowed a book from the library which is full of ideas, but I won't have room for everything.

 Love a new plan!

Back Tomorrow

PS Many thanks for comments on car boot stuff, dirty British coasters and John Constable!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Last Week Without Hospital Visits

We visited gorgeous granddaughter.......................... and her mummy.

and went to a car boot sale of course!
(Basket of Body Shop stuff £1.50,Christmas cake cases 50p, Kilner spice/diffuser bags 50p, jar 50p)

Then down to Felixstowe and the beach hut, surprisingly quiet there for a Saturday in August
"Dirty British Coaster with a salt-caked smoke stack" probably not, but it was anchored there all day
 Mummy(or daddy) and baby Herring  Gull

 Col gave the funny little shed a coat of wood preserver so it can go to youngest's home.

(That blob must be the sun reflecting on a smudge on the lens)

Co put up the fence as previously mentioned and made a cut flower bed..........details tomorrow.

And he went and saw some friends from 'up north' who used to stay on our campsite and were visiting Suffolk

We had an unexpected visit from some other friends who used to live in the village near the smallholding but now live on the south coast.

I made bread, bread rolls and cakes and cooked from scratch. Did some cleaning and lots of reading.

Back to normal this week - two hospital appointments.

Did you watch the Fake or Fortune programme on TV last night where they were authenticating a painting by John  Constable? Well here's a thing you didn't know - I (and about 500 other people at Stowmarket Grammar School in the 1960's) were taught art for a while by John Constable's Great Great (not sure how many greats) Grandson also called John, I think it was in between two other art teachers. This is his obituary it says 

In 1964 he completed his National Diploma and began teaching at schools in Suffolk, as well as at Ipswich School of Art.
................... and I can't remember much about him except he smelled really strongly of cigarettes!

Returning Forthwith

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Charity Shop Finds Put to Good Use

Last week Colin, his brother and sister were in town sorting solicitor regarding his Dad's will so I popped into a couple of charity shops and found these. Couldn't believe my eyes...a Persephone Book that I hadn't got and just £1, I think I was so excited at all the books being £1 that I got carried away and bought Corpus which I've already read but it was so good I want to re-read before he does the next in the series and Elizabeth Luard - A Cook's Year in a Welsh Farmhouse and I have a feeling I've had that from the library years ago. I now pick up any cheap preserving jars as they are so expensive new and these two little ones were 99p each.

 At home I looked through the Welsh Farmhouse cookery book and yes, I had seen it before but I've found a new home for it as another  blogger mentioned they we looking out for a copy. The jars are already in use holding the home grown chili peppers that were dried in the dehydrator - they'll be presents for the hampers. The Persephone book (It was Marghanita Laski -Little Boy Lost) has joined the others on their special shelf and, before I re-read it, Corpus will probably be loaned to a friend who reads much the same as I do.

Thank you for plum comments yesterday, haven't had a chance to try out the new sheltered area yet - we had sunshine and showers all day yesterday and very, very windy.

Back Monday