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Monday, 26 June 2017

Small Spend at a Small Car Boot.............

and Bigger spend at the bigger car boot!

I found this photo on the camera from the nearest  car boot sale of several weeks ago, when the weather wasn't too good and there were not many there.

My small spend was a total of £2.60 on these useful things. 2 box files (20p each!), 100 muffin cases, 7 zoo animals, "Chatterbox" a Shirley Hughes book that was new to me and a Jack Wills shirt  for Col. He needs a few long sleeved shirts as he's supposed to keep covered from the sun due to the chemo tablets. Before cancer he preferred short sleeves so only had one or two thin cotton long sleeved.
 I said "look what I found for you............a Jack Wills shirt for 50p." . "Who?" he asked. " Jack Wills" I said, "They must be posh because they've got a shop in Aldeburgh!" " Looks like an ordinary shirt to me" he said! Totally unimpressed by the brand...............Thank Heavens.

We had to go out last Saturday to visit someone so called in at the Big boot sale on the way.

Col is feeling well at the moment so he walked round too and found 7 HUGE plastic flower pots which will be useful, the biggest is nearly 2 foot across. He paid £10 for the lot. The way the grapevine is growing in the conservatory we'll be needing that big pot quite soon.

I found this lot below and spent £5 on the chair - a bedroom chair for my bedroom. £2.50 on crafting bits which included loads of C6 envelopes, cards and inserts - with words - and some Christmas bits. The storage container and oven gloves came from the same stall for 75p each and I couldn't resist the  30 dolly pegs for £1. Then I saw some pink reins which I got for youngest and Florence. I'm not sure if young mums use reins nowadays but they were only £1 and might be handy especially as she will also have the dog when Florence wants to walk.

The craft bits have been sorted and put away and hopefully I'll get a chance to do some more card making soon. I've been cross stitching while watching the tennis so have a couple of little pictures to iron and  fit into card blanks.

Re the tennis, when the top seeds at the Queens club tournament were knocked out early I thought it would be one of the younger players who would win but in the end it was a brilliant final by two men who've been around for ages. Now I'm looking forward to July 3rd when Wimbledon starts although for the first time ever (as far as I know) the qualifiers will be on the BBC Red Button next week. Have you seen the trail for the Championships between other programmes on the Beeb, where a tennis ball bounces around the country causing chaos - all computer generated but very clever - I'm easily entertained!

Thank you for lots of comments on Saturdays post.

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Replies and a Cake Recipe

First of all welcome to new followers and thank you for comments which I will reply to in a second but I need to ask a question...............someone without a blog told me they couldn't comment or follow without giving away lots of information about themselves. Is that correct? because I thought that with an anon comment or following with just a name ( any name will do) means that people clicking on the comment or little shadow picture on the followers button can see nothing much except how long a person has been commenting/following on blogger. Or do they mean that Google have their information?

Anyway here are the replies to a few points raised in comments recently.

We do have a donor for Colin's stem cell transplant, but given that 3 other treatments haven't worked we are concerned about this next step which will involve a long stay in Addenbrookes hospital near Cambridge.

I wish we had an aerial photo from later years at the smallholding as we expanded the campsite and planted hedges and trees all around it. We took down the old asbestos concrete sheds and replaced with new buildings, put up a third poly-tunnel, altered the path to the campsite and built a huge new fruit cage. Some of the fences on the 2nd photo were just made of pallets and when they rotted we took them down and used electric flexi-netting for the chickens which opened up the field to make it easier for hay-making. I don't know if there are still companies that take aerial photos and then knock on your door offering to sell them to you?

We've heard nothing about the new owners of the smallholding except they put up campsite pitch fees, installed CCTV and started selling things at the gate not grown on the holding..........which is something you are not supposed to do! But hey ho that's up to them. Nearest neighbours to the smallholding still haven't met the new owners - 2 years on!

 And the cake recipe

 Looking for something that would make a pack-up to take to the beach, I found this recipe which I'd not made for ages.

Fruit Slices
Line the base of a 7"x 7" shallow cake tin

Into a bowl 5oz plain flour, work in 3oz butter and 1oz castor sugar, when mix binds together press into the base of the tin.
Scatter 1oz currants and 12 glace cherries that have been cut into tiny pieces over the base and press down gently.
Cream together 3oz butter and 3 oz castor sugar. Add 1oz ground almonds, 3oz flour, 1 beaten egg and a couple of drops of almond essence and mix all together.
Spread the sponge mixture over the fruit and then bake at Mk 5 (190℃) for about 40 minutes. Turn the heat down or move the tin lower if it starts to look a little too brown.
Leave to cool and cut into slices.

I'll add this to the recipe page at the top of the blog

Thanks once again for all the lovely comments.

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Friday, 23 June 2017


Someone (reputedly George II in the 1730's) once said that an English summer was 3 sunny days and a thunderstorm. Our storm was at 11am yesterday morning. One flash of lightening, a few rumbles of thunder and a 3 minute shower, our 8 water butts are almost empty so we could have done with a bit more. Colin worked out that it only costs pence to fill a water butt with mains water so that's what we will have to do otherwise I'll lose all my greenhouse crops which would be a loss of pounds rather than pence.

 We've now been eating our own new potatoes for a couple of  weeks. Like everything else in the garden they've suffered from dry weather and ants and also being grown on land that was previously grass - at least it had been for a few years.
But with a bit of scraping and removing nasty bits they are quite edible. We certainly won't be self-sufficient in potatoes like we were in smallholding days as we only had room for 10 of each first and second earlies. These are Foremost, the first earlies. Taste-wise they certainly beat some new potatoes I bought a while back which had no flavour at all.
We've also had our first courgettes and two small bowls of raspberries from the canes that were here before us, plus I have cucumber overload! I sowed four seeds as sometimes they can be difficult to get going, all four grew then I couldn't bring myself to throw out the two plants I didn't need!

Thank you for all the comments on the last two posts. The years flew by so quickly it's good to look back sometimes to remember all we did.

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