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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

December 13th and Christmas 1958 in the USA

 Last month I was fiddling about online and came across this from  1958 in the USA.

It's a Betty Crocker baking ad from a magazine.                                                                                  
What you really needed to do before Christmas in 1958 (from Dec. 1958 issue of Family Circle)

 Ladies were just as busy preparing for Christmas back then but Betty Crocker had a answer to everything!
Still going strong on supermarket shelves in this country today

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

December 12th and The 5p Money Box

Every year I  avoid spending 5p pieces and take them out from my purse.......where they are usually stuck in the corners......... and pop them in a tin, then before Christmas I open the money box and use the money for a treat of some sort. If there are more than a couple of 10p's in my purse at the time- I add them to the tin too.
This year the total was £10.35 in 5p's and £3.80 in 10ps. The 35p went back in the tin for next year  and £10 x 5ps into 2 bags for changing at the bank. I shall have to collect some more 10p's to make them up to £5 probably in the new year as banks prefer things in proper amount in bags. When I'm tipping my purse out to find the 5p's I usually have lots of 1p and 2p pieces weighing it down, so some get put in another tin in the drawer. Found I had enough of each to fill the £1 bank bags.

Now I shall go on a minor spree to spend my £12 - something edible perhaps.

Thank you to everyone for comments and hello and welcome to several new followers.

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Monday, 11 December 2017

December 11th and Snow in Mid Suffolk

Although the snow and ice put paid to plans to drive to Addenbrookes early yesterday, at least it has filled a page for my daily December posts.........I was short of ideas for a few days out of the 31 needed. (They had more snow further west in Cambridge and Col told me to stay at home, he has everything he needs and is spending his days dozing, we communicated by text instead.)

We rarely saw snow over at the smallholding close to the coast, always a degree or two warmer than inland. I think perhaps maybe 4 or 5  years out of the 23 we were there.

It started as rain here  around 7am but soon changed to snow a while later, it didn't settle at first but after a couple of hours we had a light covering.

The birds flocked to the feeders....................I stayed indoors and lit the fire early.



Then the camera battery went flat!

The snow didn't last long past 1pm when it turned back to drizzly rain and quickly disappeared from the trees and hedges and left everywhere slushy and icy.

There was more snow on TV.................for me one of the things that always signals that winter is really here is when Ski Sunday begins on the BBC. I've never skied, I wouldn't want to, the thought of me on skis is hilarious but for some reason I just love watching it. The programme is 40 years old and the title music is iconic

As I was unexpectedly at home I did a bit of blog surfing (or maybe that should be skiing?).........that is  following links to other blogs that I don't normally look at and I came across one with a link to an ad for a "Mindful Budgeting 2018 Planner". This was on a frugal blog somewhere and I thought it would be something to print out but no, it is a hardcover diary type book and has all sorts of helpful ideas for budgeting, recording spending and outgoings and also has "Motivational quotes".  But it's is $45................ I'm not sure what that converts to in £ but it sounds quite a lot of money.
Will people spend $45 dollars to start budgeting .....sadly probably some will. I hope they find it useful, it's certainly helping the budget of someone! I've managed with an ordinary notebook for years.
My blog began as Frugal in Suffolk, but has had to change to follow what's happening in our lives, but I'm still frugal in some areas so that I have money available to spend in others. It's all about taking control, knowing what money comes in, knowing what will be going out and deciding what's important and what isn't.
Balancing the books

I don't know how I got to here when it started with a snowy day at home so had better finish.

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

December 10th - And the Card Making

This was my desk several weeks ago

Making Christmas cards for the family with 3D Decoupage sheets, which I got from Craft Creations two years ago. There wasn't anywhere to work on them at the very small bungalow so I couldn't do them last year but got busy on them in the Autumn.
I thought they looked quite good when finished, but put them all in envelopes the other day without taking a photo - Duh.
 I think Christmas card writing is all finished now. The Christmas card stash has been greatly reduced as I avoided buying any in 2016 and 2017 January sales and at two years of boot sales so this January I give myself permission to look round the charity shops again.

Thank you to more new followers and for comments - much appreciated.

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Saturday, 9 December 2017

December 9th and the Small Treat

I originally bought these as a Christmas present for husband of a friend. Then decided to get the same for me to cheer up December Alone Month. Hope friend's husband likes them...........I do

Very Delicious. A £3 treat doesn't break the bank.

In my December Cup - Even better

This cup and saucer came from a charity shop several years ago and I intended to fill with chocolate and give away, but kept it instead............... It gets used for a month each year.........Another superfluous and un-necessary object! (Let it go Susan.....Let it go!)
Actually I may not be able to use it much longer - it's so blinkin' heavy to lift..........

And a mention of cups reminds me that I recently  found some bits to top up our tableware.
 They came from a charity shop in Stowmarket for £10. We've had this Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz for over 20 years. It's very common (as in 1,400 offers on ebay!) so bits often pop up in charity shops and car boot sales but I've never seen or owned the sandwich plate before. Having found these we now have enough to last us out.

Hello and welcome to 4 (I think) new people who have clicked the follower button, I'm shamelessly hoping to get back to the 400 and something followers that I had on the old blog........some way to go as yet.

Thank you for comments on recent posts and all the good wishes for Col's health.

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Friday, 8 December 2017

December the 8th and The Partridge in a Pear Tree.............

.............................actually just a Pheasant on top of the fence!
I spotted him sitting there but had to take the photo through the window because he would have been off like a shot if I'd opened the back door. They are so common but still their colours are  impressive.

I did venture out of doors to take this............Sunday's full moon. Had to stand and freeze while some cloud moved away

The things I  do to fill a blog post!

Latest from Addenbrookes...... Colin was feeling very rough yesterday, they've given him some particularly  nasty medication to combat rejection of the stem cells he will be given on Saturday. He was warned that it had horrible side effects.
I travelled up to see him and, just as I joined the end of a traffic jam, heard on the radio that the A14 was blocked by bales falling off a lorry. Took 40 minutes to do 5 miles. Then on the way home the park and ride buses had been held up in Cambridge city centre so there was a longer wait than normal to get back to the Park and Ride car park. Then it was 50+ miles home in rain and spray from trucks.I do feel sorry for the people who do this drive daily for work - I would go nuts!

I must apologise for not getting round to commenting on many of my favourite blogs at the moment. There don't seem enough hours in the day this week, next week should be better.

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

December 7th and The Christmas Cake

The recipe I use is a Mary Berry recipe from her previous incarnation ( Before Great British Bake Off) when she was writing for magazines as a Freezer Expert.

The pages were torn from a Very Old Family Circle magazine from about 1984.  There's a picture of MB and her 3  children aged 15,14 and 12. When I was trying to work out the date of the magazine  I found online that one of her children died in a car accident when he was only 19 - how very sad.

 I asked Col a couple of weeks ago if I should  bother with a Christmas Cake this year with him in hospital, and he reminded me that I could always take some into hospital for him to eat with an apple and a chunk of cheese - just how we like it for teatime on the days after Christmas
So the fruit was soaked in cold tea for 3 days and then I mixed it all up and baked. I made 1 ½ times the recipe this year to do 1 large and two mini cakes but then looked for the mini cake tins. Searched every cupboard twice then once more and can't find them anywhere. Surely I didn't take them to the car boot sale thinking I hadn't got room for them anymore? I'm almost positive that I didn't, so where the heck are they, I haven't got that many places they can be.
Anyway instead of one large and 2 mini, I made 1 medium and 1 small. One will be kept for January. I've bought icing and marzipan so will get that done nearer to Christmas after I've fed the cakes with a bit of Brandy.

I've got notes on the top of the recipe of the quantity I've made over the past few years and what sized cakes are made from the amounts used.

The recipe is on the separate recipe page if you need it but I expect everyone has a favourite cake recipe already.

 Thank you to an anonymous comment for putting me right on the spelling of mantel-piece. All these years I've assumed that as a MANTLE was a cloak that went over clothes then it must be MANTLE-piece going over the fire place, but NO, it should be MANTEL-piece. Well, you learn something new everyday.......and spell checker never told me I was wrong either!

Thank you to people who've left comments on old posts, I often forget to look back. The update from Addenbrookes is that Col has been having various chemo stuff since last Friday and isn't feeling too bad so far though tired from lack of sleep due to hospitals being such noisy places at night. He is in a room on his own but it still seems noisy out in the corridor and in the ward kitchen opposite his room. Years and years ago when I read hospital romances(! Heavens knows why?) I'm sure the nurses used to dim the lights and whisper at night.........

A comment from a Sarah asked if it was another superfluous and unnecessary  trend from The States to have  china tableware for use only at Christmas? (or in the fall)  I'm not sure but I know that my mum had a set of Colclough Ivy Leaf china that was only used for visitors and at Christmas and that was back in the 1960's. I don't know how long Portmeirion have been doing their Holly and Ivy ware, but quite a number of years?
 Luckily Sarah has a set of Wedgewood White Country Ware china from the 1980's to use, but  I now have a totally unnecessary yearning for the Holly and Ivy Butter idea why as I've never  before in my life owned a butter knife!

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

December 6th and the Christmas Stamps

I love to buy the Post Office special Christmas stamps to put on the cards that are sent around the country.

This year books of 12 stamps come half and half, religious and secular. Madonna and child and the prize winner from a children's design competition. The others look like this.
UK stamps Christmas 2016
Copied from Post Office page

Here's the LINK for last posting dates

Now I just need to get on with writing the cards.

Hello and welcome to Gingembre a new follower, hope you like reading and thank you to everyone for comments about the Cake Plate. It was one of those once a year special finds!

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

December 5th and the Best Ever Bargain

This has just got to be the car-boot bargain of the Century.

It's a Portmeirion  Holly and Ivy  footed Christmas cake stand which I got from the local small car boot sale in September for £2.........complete with storage box...... Honestly - Just £2. It was a man selling a whole load of house clearance stuff and when he said £2 I didn't hesitate but must have looked astonished because he said "If I'd have said £20 you wouldn't have wanted it would you?". I said no definitely not as it's not something I really need. I didn't tell him that I might have paid £5 or maybe even £10, as it's something I've seen in Wyevale Garden Centre at Christmas and they sell there for around the £35 mark!

It will stand in the middle of the dining table for the next few weeks so I can enjoy it, although the Christmas cake probably won't go on it until January when we have a family get together.

I had to rush around the other day  and get Christmas cards done for the Ipswich relatives so I can put them into a Ipswich Scout Post Box next time I go shopping, it's only a few days until their last posting date. I wrote about Scout Post last year and looked online to see where they have collection boxes this year. Seems they are EVERYWHERE!  They've even expanded into Felixstowe now as well. Must be a really good fundraiser - it is 25p to post a card in their boxes -back in the day when I was an Akela we just had a Christmas Jumble Sale/Bazaar, which was a very popular event.

Thank you for comments about Debenham, I really need to go there more often to check out the 10p bargains of out of date tins and packets at the Co-op. It was on Radio 4 news yesterday about East of England Co-op's doing this to help stop food waste. You heard it HERE a few weeks ago!

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Monday, 4 December 2017

December 4th and The Christmas Shopping Festival

Our nearest small town/big village is DEBENHAM  - 3 miles away - and I drive through when heading to Youngest daughter's house over near the coast. Creeping through the traffic jams, because of the cars that are always parked everywhere...................... I glimpsed a poster.

I knew we had a Co-op, Pharmacy, a Hardware shop, Hairdressers, Estate agents, Fish and chip shop, Small Antique type shop, Newsagents, Cake shop/Cafe and a Flower shop but didn't think there were enough shops to have a Shopping Festival!
Better go and look.
Turns out there is also a Butcher's shop, Greengrocers, Fancy gifts shop, Cafe and Deli and a Gallery featuring work by a Craftsman Jeweller and local artists.
What a surprise!
Maybe I ought to pick up my books from the little branch library there rather than the Library van so that I get a chance to look round more often and find out what things are going on.

On the green was a Christmas tree with giant baubles!

There are some very old buildings in the town, years ago there would have been even more shops and more than the two pubs that still survive.

After a good look round I drove out to the edge of town where we have a Sports and Community centre beside the High School ( this was where Col's 60th birthday party was held back in March) where the church were holding their Christmas  bazaar.
Then I thought I'd better head home and light the fire. Wish I'd stayed a bit longer because on my way home I saw some Morris Dancers with blacked up faces and ragged jackets heading toward the green to do a display. Probably East Suffolk Morris Men.

If this You Tube video works you might be able to see them doing a display somewhere a few years ago

(BTW please don't question  the blacked up faces, they are nothing to do with anything Politically Correct or un-PC, but date back to the time when village people performed mummers plays around the villages and didn't want their employers to recognise them..........)

And what did I buy from The Christmas Shopping Festival?.............some Pears from the Co-op!

I think there are some new followers again - Hello and welcome to reading my ramblings

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Sunday, 3 December 2017

December 3rd and the Mantel Shelf

I've put Autumn away in the cupboard and for the Month of December the mantle-piece will be decked for Christmas.

The photos are not very good because to have it light enough to see the objects then it's too light to see the lights...............It looks a lot better in real life!
(If you are OCD inclined I apologise for the cottage not being quite in the middle of the shelf, I have remedied that now!)

  There's a  snowflake jug ( car boot or charity shop sometime last year)  Robin bell ( found in a charity shop for £1 in October)

The  Lilliput Lane winter cottage that belonged to my Mum,

a lantern with tea light and sitting snowman, also from charity shops. Then a string of artificial holly from the packaging supply place last month and some tiny LED lights from QD.
I'd rather have real holly but it would soon dry out over the fire, but I will be bringing some in for the Solstice.

Maybe it looks a bit sparse, thought I had more in the Christmas decoration box but most decorations we have are hanging rather than standing. May have to search round a few more charity shops!

Full Moon tonight - and look at this lovely Christmas card from a friend we visited just before Col went into hospital. A National Trust Card............Moonlit Hare.

Love it, especially as we've seen hares around quite close. Which reminds me, I saw our Barn Owl yesterday morning, getting annoyed at a Magpie. Such a treat.

Many many MANY thanks for the lovely thoughtful comments yesterday, it does help to know that so many people from all round the world are wishing him well.

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Saturday, 2 December 2017

December 2nd and the Advent Calendar

We didn't have an Advent Calendar last year, no-where to put one in the tiny bungalow. Then I thought I still had the one saved from 2015, maybe I'd put it inside the big family bible to press the little doors shut?
When we got round to unpacking all the books the lovely National Trust Advent calendar wasn't inside the bible. No sign of it anywhere so I looked around online for an Advent Calendar that would be good to look at all month and it needed to stand up on it's own too and definitely no chocolate.

Found this, snowy mountain village scene and love it. It's German, 3D and the doors and windows that open really are doors and windows!

I shall enjoy seeing what sort of things are behind the doors.....A family around a table in door 1.

Col is now in Addenbrookes Hospital being prepared for the donor stem cell transplant. This involves a week of  a type of chemo, which we hope isn't one he had before that resulted in him going into shock!
The stem cell donor has a week of injections which forces stem cells to overflow into the blood, then they have a day donating and Col gets them back the next day and that's when the problems might start. He will be in all month as recovery takes several weeks.....I'm Home Alone for December!
In a way it will be easier this time as he's been through it all before but on the other hand because he's been so well and will then  be very ill it will be harder ........if you follow. He is going into this transplant in a much better state of heath than last time, heavier and fitter.......we shall just have to wait and see. We've been warned that recovery is peaks and troughs rather than a steady climb.

The only internet connection in the ward is via the over-the-bed TV and very slow, apparently when they modernised all the hospital computer systems, good internet connection up high - 10th floor- on this ward was lost. He tried a dongle but no good either, he has plenty of reading matter and the TV and Radio to keep him occupied as I won't be going to see him more than a couple of times a week........ it's just too far and despite all the practice I still don't enjoy driving - especially on the A14 which has as much traffic as a motorway but is only 2 lanes most of the way, with numerous junctions and trucks  pulling out of lay-bys etc. Luckily Col understands how I feel, and we'll cope how we have before.

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Friday, 1 December 2017

December 1st - December Days

Chill December brings the sleet,
Blazing fire, and Christmas treat.

The December Page from Edith Holden's' Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

 December was the 10th month of the old Roman year. The Anglo Saxons called it Wintermonarth - winter month and throughout history the countries in the Northern Hemisphere have found ways to cheer up the darkest time of year, the shortest day, the winter solstice.
The Roman feast of Saturnalia began on the 17th December and in Northern Europe the midwinter feast of Jol or Yule was celebrated with bonfires, eating and drinking. So, to early Christians this would have been seen as the ideal time to celebrate the birth of Christ.

The tradition of bringing greenery into the home for the Christmas season also dates back to pagan times when each had a meaning. Holly was a symbol of everlasting life and fertility. Ivy was an anti-witching plant with medicanal values, Rosemary was holy and magical and Bay was once sacred to Apollo and to Aescutapious,the god of medicine. Mistletoe was also associated with fertility and used by the Druids for ceremonies.

At the bottom of Edith Holden's page is the weather saying.......

A Green Yule makes a fat Kirk-yard

 There are many variations on this, all saying much the same........ that warm weather at Christmas isn't a good thing. Although nowadays it's very unlikely we get snow over the Christmas season despite all the snowy pictures on Christmas cards.

Maybe things were the same around 100 years ago............
Jerome K Jerome - best know for 'Three Men in a boat' said - sometime around the beginning of the 20th century -
  " If December passes without snow, we indignantly demand to know what has become of our good,old fashioned winters, and talk as if we had been cheated out of something we had bought and paid for; and if it does snow, our language is a disgrace to a Christian Nation"

Then I found this in 'March Winds & April Showers' by Ralph Whitlock....................

If Christmas Day on a Monday be
A great winter that year you'll see.

Oh dear!

As usual I'll be posting everyday in December, trying to find something Christmassy or Wintery each day to write about. Also must say Hello and welcome to new followers, hope you enjoy reading

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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Down the Lane on the Last Day of November

This is the 9th month that I've walked up and down the lane taking photos chronicling the changing seasons close to home.

Heading towards the end of the year, leaves have gone.

The only berries left are those on next door neighbour's Privet hedge, I guess birds eat them eventually?

The old pump base is visible again after being hidden by undergrowth since the spring

Remember the empty house that no-one has ever lived in since it was built 15 years ago. We heard that the owner who lives in Sudbury/London/France or all three had died so maybe it will come onto the market. We also heard a strange tale that a few years back a brand new car was stood in their drive just out of site from the lane. It stood there without being moved for 6 years and then vanished. Very Odd.

I had walked up and down the lane several dozen times before I noticed that behind this ivy is a tiny tumbledown shed!

Pine cones on a fir tree against a blue sky .

Can you spot where the trees finish and their reflection in the pond starts?

 We haven't got roses round the door but instead we have clematis on the trellis each side. I need to find out when/if they need cutting back.

That's it for another month. Will we have snow next time?

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The Library Bought This.............

.............. for their stock because I suggested it, but now I feel very guilty as, although it's a lovely book, it's mainly photos.

 The Dingle Peninsular in Ireland is the northernmost peninsular of County Kerry, sticking out into the Atlantic and the house the author owns is a stone house in the foothills of the Brandon Mountain. The book is divided into the 4 old Celtic seasons, Samhain, Imbolc,  Bealtaine, Lughnasa and then each month where the author mentions Celtic and Irish legends, looks at the garden and includes a recipe but each page is mainly photos.

I wish I'd written the following but the author  beat me to it!

"One thing I know for certain is that life is joined up in ways that our ancestors, even only a few generations back, were better placed to recognise than we are. Twenty-first-century living is increasingly driven by the idea that everything desirable has to be purchased, and that everything we buy must be the best, the fastest,the newest and the most exciting product available. Then, as soon as we do buy something we're encouraged to despise what we have and reject it for something deemed better. In the midst of this bombardment it's hard to appreciate silence, patience, repeated rhythms and the ways in which relationships between material, intellectual,emotional and spiritual things are central to well-being and health".

The book was first published in 2015 and costs £12.99, there are copies cheaper on Amazon but not sure it's worth buying. You can see quite a lot of the first part on the "Look inside" feature, the whole book is similar.

On the other hand if you have an interest in second-hand books, you may well love this.........I did.

Product Details
Shaun Bythell owns "The Book Shop", the largest second hand bookshop in Wigtown which is known as Scotland's town of books.
This is a diary of eccentric customers and staff, book buying and selling and organising the annual Book Festival which brings 1000's of visitors to the town each year.
I really enjoyed it and promise never to moan aloud about the price of books in second-hand book shops and never to have a Kindle!

Thank you for comments about the frosty views.

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

On a Cold and Frosty Morning

Why is it that I see lovely frosty photos on blogs but when I creep out before sunrise  in the hardest frost so far (Saturday) my photo's just look dull and boring!
(Don't answer that!)
I've not cleared the old growth  from the quarter circle flower garden because leaving the job until spring gives cover for small creatures and helps to keeps the soil a tad warmer for the birds to scratch through. (That's my excuse anyway)

It stayed cold all day and the only thing I did outside was to go and fetch logs and kindling from the woodshed to fill up the baskets indoors and put in the garage for the rest of the week.

Thank you for all the comments on  car boot buys. I shall get withdrawal symptoms now until they start again in February.

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Monday, 27 November 2017

Car-boot and Jumble Sales

Rounding off the year with the remaining car boot and jumble sale treasures.

Not sure when I picked up these 3 things but found the picture on drafts from late September and I know they were from the small nearest boot sale and were 50p each.

The VTech talking phone went to Florence when we saw her. The mug and plate say "For Santa". We are bound to have the Surrey family and Jacob staying here at Christmas sometime so this will stay here ready and the warm fleece-lined slipper-socks will be part of a Christmas gift.

At the end of October I picked up this pack for £2, originally from the Mid Wales Willow company, it's a kit with instructions for making willow stars and wreath. I shall have a go at these next month.

Then I splurged a whole £2.20 in the middle of the month on..

...........................a small artificial Christmas tree for £1 -  it needs some tlc because, as we say in Suffolk, - it was slightly on the huh.; a slow cooker cookery book for 20p - this is for Col's brother who since his Dad died is now having to cook for himself after he gets home from work; a children's game ready for a couple of years time, new hot-water bottle, new hot water bottle cover ( these will be a Christmas gift) and bottle brush for £1 for the lot - been looking for something to clean the narrow vases - my old bottle brush disappeared somewhere between the smallholding and here.

Early in November I zoomed to a big jumble sale in a village hall across the A140. Blimey, it was packed out and there were so many clothes, though not so much bric-a-brac. Quite a lot of books...... I just found this one

also got  a big bag of tea-lights, a pot-holder and some paper craft bits all for £1. Had a go on the tombola - didn't win - as usual.

Another car boot sale on another day and I spent  a total of just £1.20, the pink spotty thing is a doll carrier for a little girl to carry her dolly around, will put this away for Florence. Cupcake cases and toppers are a Christmas present to go with money for niece who likes baking and the Sue Grafton book for me. I now have all her ABC crime books except X and Y, I've read up to K so far.

And one more boot sale on a very cold Saturday morning later in the month, where I found 2

card making kits for 20p each, some vehicles for the Brio railway were £1, a dusting mitt to keep in the car 20p and big plastic jug for 50p.

Also this below for the Grandchildren, when they've grown a bit,  for the bargain price - I reckon- of £3 including the farm machinery. It needs putting onto a sturdier plywood base as it's on hard-board and a bit bendy.

 Someone made me something similar when I was small but it didn't have a farmhouse and I always wanted a farmhouse! The roofs lift off the buildings so you can see inside when organising your livestock.
 Now we can look out for farm animals and fences although I may want to play first!

I doubt I'll bother with boot sales in December, there are a couple more on Saturdays in Needham Market but it's too cold for most people to think about selling so they will only be small .

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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Empty Beaches

We went down to the beach hut on Friday to check and oil the padlocks and to bring home anything that might get damp - like the coffee in a jar.
It was a beautiful morning, the sea was flat calm.

Col sat out for 10 minutes while we had a coffee and  I tidied up and collected up what had to go home

 Just a few dog walkers about. One lady had 4 golden retrievers - blimey!

We've been able to put off selling the beach hut for a year as the council had so much opposition to their plans to alter fees that they've "re-considered" and have decided against huge increases in ground rent - for now anyway. They wanted people to take on long term licences, paying up front for several years at a time but have given up that idea. They also planned 10% increases every year for 10 years but have put off that plan for a while too. They still intend to charge people buying a hut a £300 fee "administration" charge rather than the £30 we paid in 2016.
We didn't really make the most of the hut this summer so will still have to think about things this time next year.

As we locked up again the sun disappeared behind some clouds and the temperature dropped by about 10 degrees. We went into town and toured the charity shops finding.........Nothing.

Then into Ipswich to pick up Col's tablets from hospital, Asda for shopping and home.

When we drove home the water company were on the corner near the house repairing a leak that Colin noticed on Thursday  and rang in to report. Thank goodness they soon got that done as they were really losing a lot of water, it was  pouring out of the verge and flooding right across the road.

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